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Dance studio business startup:

Dance studio business is always relevant and in demand. Some dance to keep fit. Others go for a good time with friends or a loved one. But there is another option – take a ready-made business plan for the dance studio and organize your own business with it.

To start, you will need about 500 thousand rubles. Investments will pay off after a year and a half. The profitability of the project – 38-40%.

Group of expert dancers

Dance school is the ideal business for experienced entrepreneurs or professional dancers

Dance studio business belongs to the field of education and leisure. It is expected that experienced professionals will teach dance to clients. Lessons will be held in a prepared and specially equipped room.

Before you open a dance studio, you should orient in its direction. The target audience of the dance school is a variety of people, very young or old, beginners or already with some skills in choreography. You can organize a narrowly focused dance center or combine specializations. Groups of students are formed by the level of training and age. The total number of groups depends on the size of the dance studio.

Direction of the dance studio business

Before drawing up a business plan for a dance school with calculations, you need to understand what style the customers will learn. There are the following options:

  • amateur dance school (such courses do not require special organization, any room and a minimum of advertising will do);
  • professional studio, including ballet choreography (option for experienced businessmen or professional dancers);
  • children’s dance studio;
  • sports dance club and other options.

Having decided on the choice, you can proceed to the next stage, namely the registration of your own business.

Package of documents for registration of activities

A business plan for a dance school is developed in two variations of the legal form. Taking into account the concept of the center and its scale, an IP or LLC is registered. If graduates will be issued certificates and diplomas, then a more complicated procedure for registering a dance school is required. Have to organize an LLC. The activity of dance floors with the possibility of learning different styles falls under the IP. Registration of all necessary documents will take about 1-3 months.

In addition to the registration procedure, you need to obtain permission to use the premises from the SES, the fire service and other government agencies.

The choice of a dance direction for a business should be determined by the needs of the target audience.

Dancing Girl

Rental and repair costs

The organizational plan for the opening of the dance school includes requirements for the center’s premises. The total area of ​​the studio is at least 150 square meters. m. It is necessary to place:

  • a class in which dancing classes will be held (at least 80 sq.m.);
  • shower room – 15;
  • locker room -15;
  • waiting room – 20 square meters m .;
  • Lounge – 20 square meters. m

The profitability of a dance school will be high if the monthly cost of renting a room does not exceed 80-90 thousand rubles. A suitable room can be rented at the fitness club or business center.

The main equipment and equipment of the dance studio is a high-quality flooring and a good ventilation system. Can be used as a coating board, laminate or typeset parquet. On average, the cost of replacing the floor will cost 1.5-3.5 thousand rubles per square meter. The estimate if necessary, ventilation equipment will also be impressive. Therefore, when renting a room, you should immediately consider these factors and give preference to options with an already built-in ventilation system. There are no special requirements for coverage, however, in bright light, there is no need. It is better to create a pleasant atmosphere in the hall with subdued light.

Couple Dancing

The main requirement for a dance studio is quality coating and ventilation.

Purchase equipment for the school

The dance studio business opening plan also takes into account the costs of purchasing equipment, furniture and related accessories. You need to purchase mirrors, machine tools for the dance class, buy furniture for the locker room, bathroom fixtures for the shower room, music equipment and more. To furnish a small studio, you will have to invest about 400 thousand rubles.

Staff recruitment for the center

The main criterion for the selection of personnel, in particular, teachers, is professionalism and work experience. If you hire a good teacher, more and more clients will come to the studio. In many ways, school income depends on teachers. When students are happy with the learning process, they become regular customers.

To organize a small dance school with one hall, the following team members are required:

  • two administrators for shift work (earnings from 20 thousand per month);
  • teachers -5-6 people (hourly pay -300-400 rubles / hour);
  • the cleaning lady (6.5 thousand rubles).
Group of dancing girls
A dance school will be successful with a steady flow of students. At least three groups per day will ensure profitability of the project.

Marketing Plan and Advertising

For the success of the project, the planning and advertising of the dance school is of particular importance. Also, a program and schedule of the educational process are compiled. As a rule, the main income comes from groups engaged in the evening. In the morning and afternoon, you can study on an individual subscription. The profitability of single lessons is 5-20% of total profit.

To attract new students to the children’s group, you can hold demonstrations at school evenings. For adult performances, rent a restaurant or club for a while. Lease costs must be included in the financial plan, but they will be justified if, for example, paid entry is made. A purely symbolic fee of 150 rubles will not scare away those who wish, but at the same time, it will reduce risks and increase the profitability of a dance school.

Attracting additional customers is organized by printing advertising in the media, you can advertise both the school and the direction of dancing. Leaflets and announcements on the streets of the city, advertisements on local TV and radio, in social networks – all these events have long been proven to be effective and must be included in the production plan. For a month of work, the cost of an advertising campaign will be approximately 32 thousand rubles.

Total costs and payback period

The financial component, taking into account the necessary expenses for building equipment, is calculated according to the example of a business plan . For the successful opening of a dance studio business, a starting capital of 450-500 thousand rubles is required. Invested funds are indicated approximately since accurate calculations are largely determined by the locality in which the studio is planned to be opened, its size and the cost of services. If it is supposed to buy a building for the center, then the amount of start-up capital will increase to 3 million.

Initial investments (thousand rubles):

  • paperwork, school registration, opening a personal account – 2;
  • advertising expenses (print media, a website on the Internet) – 25;
  • equipment purchase: mirrors – 100, flooring – 40, reception desk – 15, lockers for personal belongings of customers – 30, benches and chairs – 22, musical equipment of the hall – 20;
  • setting an alarm – 20.

The calculations also take into account monthly costs. Studio maintenance, wages, and salary taxes, advertising, training programs for beginners and so on. The average cost is about 130 thousand rubles. The profitability of a dance school depends on the number of students, the availability of individual lessons and pricing. Net profit for a month of work – from about 160 thousand rubles. Consequently, the investment will pay off in one and a half years.

Children’s dance studios are a special type of business that requires attention to every detail.

The main risks of the dance studio business

The key risk factor, as well as the main advantage, is management. A professional leader, experienced teachers, interesting training programs, relevant areas of dance – all this significantly affects the profitability of the project. What can cause a lack of customers and profit:

  • insufficient number of students and groups;
  • clients are not interested and not motivated in further training;
  • demand for classes in the center decreased due to incorrect advertising, ill-conceived marketing policies;
  • bad location of the studio;
  • low competitiveness.

The dance studio business is tied to seasonal changes. The maximum demand is observed from September to December and from February to the end of spring. In the summer months, people often go on vacation or prefer to spend time outside the city, which immediately affects attendance. In winter, demand falls by 20-30%, due to the long New Year and Christmas holidays, as well as holidays in schools and higher educational institutions. You can only count on stability in earnings if daily classes are attended by at least three to four groups.

Dance studio business is a great idea for organizing your own business. But as in any other field, for starters, a business plan of the school with detailed calculations, planning, market analysis, competitors and risk assessments is required.

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